IWB / EFRE program

Project description

Project name: NEW CONSTRUCTION production hall XeNTiS
Location: 8570 Voitsberg, Am Vorum 4b
Construction project: Construction of a production hall including covered parking spaces
Project duration: 2021-2023
Start of construction: 2nd quarter 2021

Goal: Increase innovation, growth and regional importance


• Enlargement of the production area
• Acquisition of new machines, etc.
• Increase in the number of employees

With the “New XeNTiS” project, we want to set new standards in terms of innovation, growth and regional importance.
In order to get innovation off the ground, it is imperative to provide the necessary capacities – both in the employee sector and the additional, urgently needed space.
The implementation of the project enables, among other things, the necessary expansion of the research and development department, the installation of a showroom for existing and potential new customers and the enlargement of the production hall.
As already mentioned, there are already existing partnerships with various institutions, which contribute significantly to XeNTiS further differentiating itself from the competition.
In order to be able to dedicate oneself to these projects in more detail or more profitably, investments in space, machines, intangible goods and employees are essential.
Researching new materials per se, combining new and existing materials as well as processing techniques will be the core points of the further developed R&D Competence Center.
The main focus of our customers – both in the impeller sector and in the automotive sector – is on lightweight construction. Weight plays a major role everywhere and research at XeNTiS must continue in the direction of even lighter, more stable, and even more cost-effective production variants. Furthermore, the trend – also due to the global pandemic – is moving towards production in Europe. In order to cover the needs of our customers in this direction as much as possible and to expand the product portfolio, this project became absolutely necessary.

“This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund”.

“M5 – R&D and technology-oriented investments”

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