About us

Carbon Technology made by the Austrian high-end manufacturer

XeNTiS uses fibre reinforced composites to produce wheels, rims and components unlike any other. The Austrian company sets new standards in all sectors of wheel development and manufacturing.

Years of expertise in dealing with this material flows into the largely handcrafted production lines. Indispensable for the drive behind the permanent development of XeNTiS wheels is the experience of long-term employees and successful athletes. For instance the SQUAD SL and RACE product-line is the result of a close cooperation with the leading Continental-Racing Team RSW from Austria.

Every new product development is handled by the consideration of CAD and FE calculations and new ideas are constantly being aerodynamically optimized by using computer-aided CFD analysis. If the optimized results meet or exceed our expectations, the outcome leads to prototypes, which are subjected to wind tunnel and field tests.

Only products which fulfill our high requirements and safety standards are released for our customers.