In wheel construction, a distinction is made between compression and tension spoke wheels.

Tension spoke principle: Conventional wheels consist of the assembly of rim, nipple, spokes and hub.

Compression spoke principle: A monocoque wheel combines these components in one structural element. XeNTiS‘ One-Shot-Hollow Technology (OSH) allows to produce these wheels with optimized performance in a single compacting step.

During the development process, CFD simulation and FE analysis are used to gradually reduce air resistance by integrated tear-off edges and to continuously increase stiffness.

Here are the BIG SEVEN for riders:

1. No waste of time through maintenance

No loss of spoke tension, no re-trueing, constant lateral stiffness.

2. Exceptional performance

Aerodynamic shape of the wheel guarantees exceptional performance for racing and triathlon bikes. Due to the monocoque construction there is no twisting of the whole system during decelerating with disc brakes.

3. Fun on the bike

Excellent handling is ensured due direct power transmission through a carbon body which is embedded within the powertrain, braking and steering systems.

4. Stand out from the crowd with unique carbon wheel design

5. Enormous safety

The entire wheel consists of an integral carbon body, no mechanical connection or bonding can achieve such strength.

6. No spoke breakage

7. High comfort

Lifelong directional stability and damping elements are integrated in the monocoque spokes.

Therefore, monocoque carbon fiber wheels are not only very popular these days, there are also clear advantages that make them easy to justify. Check them out in our online shop.

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